Hand Made Masonic Realia *

*Real, tangible things, made by humans, which are not printed materials.

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Molded from original antique Masonic artifacts.

Made in the USA by a master mason armed with quality domestic materials.

Artefact Definition: Objects and ornaments, shaped by human craft, of archaeological or historical interest, characteristic of a particular human institution.

Artefact word origin -Variant of artifact: 1821 "anything made by human art," from Italian; artefatto, from Latin; arte "by skill" (ablative of ars "art;" + factum "thing made," from facere "to make, do".

Brethren Enter & Be Clothed.
We are proud to offer these traditional Masonic designs on T-Shirts and Giftware.
Masonic shirts provide an easy conversation starter for non-members who may have an interest in joining. They provide an excellent opportunity to promote membership within the 2-B-1-Ask-1 system.

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